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Prison should lead to more than a return visit

Prison should lead to more than a return visit

Why we are here

#Unlocked Graduates exists to break cycles of reoffending, with a particular focus on breaking the link between disadvantage and reoffending. Currently, prison is not a place that successfully does this: the average prisoner has 16 previous convictions and 48 per cent of prisoners re-offend within a year of release. This is the problem which Unlocked Graduates exists to fix.

The Problem

Whatever your views on criminal justice, whether you see prison as a place to punish and deter future crime or to actively rehabilitate, prisons are failing. Just under half of those that leave prison today will be reconvicted within a year.

Our Solution

We believe the way you change prisons and break cycles of reoffending is through prison officers. The prison officer is the only professional who can build a relationship with every single prisoner – including the most vulnerable and challenging.