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The bigger the challenge
The better the leader

The bigger the challenge
The better the leader

What we’ve achieved

Unlocked Graduates is having a direct and indirect impact on prisons across the UK. Learn more about how we are making an impact below.

Our theory of change

We recruit, train and challenge outstanding individuals to lead prisoner rehabilitation with the aim of creating high-performing leaders who will break the cycles of reoffending in prisons and throughout society.

  • Inspire

    Raise the status

  • Develop

    Excellent job performance

  • Amplify

    Drive systemic reform

  • Grow

    Drive improvements in prisons

This section offers a snapshot of our progress against our theory of change, seeking to set out early impact and tell our story over our first five years.

The prisons we work with have historically had lower performance scores than average – because we actively choose to go into some of the most challenging institutions. Our research shows that the average annual performance score of these prisons has increased at a faster rate than all other prisons.

More tellingly, those prisons that have had the most participants for the longest period have seen the biggest increase in these scores.

The most important person in any prisoner’s life is not the minister of justice, not the commissioner of the prisons, not even the head of prison, but the warder in one’s section.

Nelson Mandela