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Bolu is in her final year at Sheffield University, studying Law. She’s currently thinking about doing a master’s abroad but is still interested in a career in the criminal justice system.

Why did you want to work for Unlocked Graduates?

Unlocked Graduates uses innovative ideas to look at tackling reoffending and making sure those who commit crimes are helped to go back into the community. I study law and I’m interested in the way that law impacts communities.

What do you think makes Unlocked Graduates stand out from other opportunities?

You’ve got to be passionate about what you’re representing, that’s very important. You need to be engaged with the message you’re trying to give to others. I was interested in what Unlocked Graduates were doing, so I could speak passionately about it. The flexibility and support we were given made it stand out to me. With Unlocked, I could bring in my ideas, which is important because everyone’s different and works in different ways.

How would you describe your role as an Unlocked Graduates Brand Manager?

It was probably one of the most rewarding jobs because I improved myself as a person, in terms of skills and confidence. I started dialogues with other Brand Managers and was able to use my social media platforms and society connections to communicate and network with people. I was spreading the word about a graduate scheme that people thought was really unconventional! Seeing it on their face was the best thing for me, I could connect and have productive conversations. I could challenge misconceptions about a role that has negative connotations that often aren’t accurate. People felt like they could have a direct impact on crime levels – and that was fantastic to see.

What advice would you give to someone applying for the role?

You have to be passionate, that’s the most important thing. You don’t want someone who’s just looking for a part time job, you need to care about the cause. You also need strong communication skills and good organisation. I really enjoyed the training, I got to meet some of the other Brand Managers and felt like a part of a bigger network.

What have you gained from the experience?

The role has taught me a lot about myself. Being a Brand Manager was not my only part time job so I had to organise my time effectively. It taught me that when I truly believe in something it’s really easy to talk about it. I found myself talking about it all the time! I now know that when you want something you really need to go for it 100% and make sure you bring your best self, that you prepare and know what you’re talking about and what to expect.

Interested in developing your skills whilst also fitting paid work around your studies? Unlocked Graduates are recruiting Brand Managers for universities across the country – apply here.