The Unlocked Graduates 2022 ‘Driving System Change’ conference will host a marketplace where participants and ambassadors will get the opportunity to network with other organisations connected to the prison service.

The partners that will be joining us are: 3 Pillars Project, Bell Foundation, Belong: Making Justice Happen, Time for Change, Unlock, Bounce Back, Change Grow Live, Khulisa, Novus, Prisoners’ Education Trust, Shannon Trust, StandOut, Switchback and together women.

Read more about some of these brilliant partners below.

  • 3 Pillars Project

    The 3Pillars Project vision is to create the nation’s leading sports-based mentoring programme for young people in custody and those recently released from prison. They are a charity that uses sports-based mentoring programmes to support young adults and children in custody, equipping them through mentoring, training, employment and education. 3Pillars believe that nurturing young leaders with lived experience of the criminal justice system can create positive change within local communities and have a positive impact on other young people. They build long term trust-based relationships with participants, providing stability and long-term engagement and work with a range of partners across London, the South East, and the Midlands. 

  • Bounce Back

    Bounce Back is a Charity with training centres in 5 London prisons as well as the community helping people to gain qualifications in a range of construction industry skills. They work with a large number of employers and have their own painting and decorating social enterprise so that participants on their programmes have the opportunity of a job on release. Additionally, a team of dedicated case managers fully support participants throughout their journey in prison, back into the community and into work. Their work continues with candidates, and employers, for as long as necessary to ensure the best possible outcomes.

  • Novus

    Novus works with passion, care and commitment to create the foundations for change across England and Wales. They are part of the LTE Group, a UK social enterprise dedicated to improving lives and economic success through learning and skills. Novus fulfil their Group’s social mission by providing the learning, skills and opportunity that offenders need to build positive futures for themselves, their families, and our communities. Their creative arts and enrichment programme enhances learners' experiences in the classroom, provides a platform for re-engagement in formal education, supports wellbeing and self-development, and provides a voice to many without one.

  • The Bell Foundation

    The Bell Foundation is a charity which aims to overcome exclusion through language education by working with partners on innovation, research, training and practical interventions. The Bell Foundation’s Criminal Justice Programme works with a range of partners to remove the systemic language barriers to justice and rehabilitation for anyone in contact with the criminal justice system (CJS) who speaks English as a second or additional language (ESL), and to further develop the capacity of the criminal justice sector to meet the needs of these groups.

  • StandOut

    StandOut, a London-based charity, delivers intensive group programmes for people preparing to leave prison followed by one-to-one individualised support offered after release for as long as is required. StandOut's approach focuses on employment, education or training but also involves wrap-around support to help people build stability across all areas of life. This can include support with housing, recovery from alcohol and substance misuse, issues with family or difficulties with mental health. In response to Covid-19, StandOut expanded to run a helpline that provided practical support and coaching to more than 600 prison leavers during the pandemic. StandOut empowers people with the confidence and resilience needed to realise their potential and move out of the justice system for good.

  • Prison Education Trust

    The Prison Education Trust believes that education has the power to change the lives of people in prison and that everyone should have the chance to study throughout their sentence. Working with prisons across England, Wales, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, PET fund courses in levels and subjects that are otherwise unavailable; support people to choose courses and progress with their learning; and champion the life-changing power of education to prisons, policymakers and the public. PET offer over 120 different distance learning courses, from business start-up to creative writing, GCSEs and A-levels, Open University Access modules, and everything in between. They help around 1,500 people each year to start their studies, equipping them with the skills and qualifications to build brighter futures.

  • Switchback

    Switchback is an award-winning charity enabling young Londoners to find a way out of the justice system and build a stable, rewarding life. Through intensive 1-to-1 support on both sides of the prison gate alongside real work training after release, we support young men to change their relationship with society. While 45% of all prison leavers reoffend within a year, for Switchback Trainees that figure is just 9%. We share what we’ve learned to inspire change across the justice system and beyond. Our influencing work is led by our Experts by Experience Board.

  • Belong

    At Belong: Making Justice Happen, they inspire change by providing long-term, individualised responses to conflict and crime. Belong's main services include mentoring, restorative justice and creative psychotherapy. They work with children, young people and adults in custodial and community settings. Most of their work is in London, the West Midlands, and South East, although we work nationwide. Examples of prisons they work from within are HMYOI Brinsford, HMP Wormwood Scrubs, HMYOI Feltham, and HMP Coldingley. Belong's interventions make immediate and sustainable impacts on individuals and their communities. Their values of inspiration, respect, empowerment, patience and restoration underpin all our work. They are responsive to people’s varying needs, working with individuals through setbacks and understanding that lasting change takes time."

  • Together Women

    Together Women (TW) provide holistic services to vulnerable women and girls across Yorkshire, Humberside and the North West of England. They have women’s centres in Leeds; Bradford; Hull; Sheffield; and HMP New Hall. Their centres offer safe, women-only spaces from which key workers and sessional staff provide needs assessment, action-planning, support and case management for women referred by a number of different agencies. Centres also provide a wide range of group programmes, sessional training, workshops and self-help groups. Together Women are a trailblazing provider of exceptional, specialist services to women affected by Criminal Justice and currently funded via a range of commissioners (both statutory and non-statutory), working with multiple partners to address the needs of women who present with multiple and complex needs.

  • Khulisa

    Khulisa is a charity working to break the cycle of exclusion and crime by intervening at every stage of the criminal justice system. They deliver therapeutic programmes to schools and prisons with the aim of providing young people with the social and emotional skills needed to help them lead a crime-free life. Khulisa provides trauma training to professionals working with socially excluded young people and adults, such as teachers, prison officers and social workers. Since the pandemic, they also provide support for prisoners through their prison radio programme and have published a book ‘Humane Justice – What role do kindness, hope and compassion play in the criminal justice system?’, with contributions from 29 writers with lived experience of the prison system. To date, they’ve supported 4218 young people, and 3716 professionals working with young people.

  • Shannon Trust

    Shannon Trust transforms lives by supporting people to learn to read and improve other basic skills - they believe nobody should be left out of learning. They operate in all prisons across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and in a number of partner organisations in the community. Over 50% of people in prison, and 16% in the community, can’t read or struggle to. This means they have reduced access to education, training and other programmes. Using Turning Pages, their evidence-based reading programme, people can learn to read in a way that best suits them. In 2022, they will be adding basic maths to our offer, developing new digital resources and expanding their community presence.

  • Unlock

    Unlock is a national independent charity set up in 1999. They support people with a criminal record by providing information and advice through our websites, helpline and disclosure workshops and we help practitioners who support people with convictions by providing criminal record disclosure training and other useful resources. They challenge bad practice by employers and advocate for a fairer and more inclusive society by working at policy level with government, employers and others.