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Prison should lead to more than a return visit

Niyi, 2020 cohort

Prison should lead to more than a return visit

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#Training & Performance

Unlocked Graduates training is an important part of our strategy to professionalise the prison officer role, and thereby create systemic change in the prison service. Weaving practical and theoretical learning throughout the programme, we support and develop outstanding individuals who excel in their roles, take on additional responsibilities, and influence best practice on and off the landings.

An initial intensive residential course compresses all standard prison officer training into six weeks. Extensive pre-reading, as well as longer days and weeks, means more hours of learning than in the standard 10-week course.

Practitioner skills are the focus of Summer Institute. As well as the procedures and skills necessary to be an officer, there is a strong emphasis on values, de-escalation, and evidence-based therapeutic techniques – ensuring our participants are day-one-ready to start on the landings.


We recruit experienced, mission-aligned prison officers to work as mentors throughout the two-year programme. Seconded from the prison service, they are trained to provide both support and challenge to participants. The role is designed to increase the recognition of those who are outstanding at the craft of being a prison officer, bringing new skills to the uniformed ranks in the prison service and building long-term capability.

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#Master’s degree

Our officers complete a two-year master’s degree that reflects the complexities of the prison officer role and broadens their expertise by focusing on the theory behind the practice; offering an academic angle to address the mission of eliminating cycles of reoffending.

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