Inside Time: Unlocking the future

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Inside Time: Unlocking the future

Inside Time interviewed three new prison officers on the Unlocked Graduates leadership development programme:


I graduated from university last year after following a very traditional education and getting a degree in psychology. When I came to the end of my degree, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do; I was not sure if I wanted to stay on to do a Masters or to leave university. Whilst at university I volunteered with PACT at a local prison and spent a lot of time working in the visits hall. I was interested in criminal justice but didn’t know where, but working with PACT meant I was comfortable with the prison environment.

I heard about Unlocked Graduates last January, I looked at other things as well, such as teaching, but I didn’t want to be a teacher. As I searched, Unlocked Graduates kept popping up, so I went onto the website and had a look, and as soon as I saw it I knew that it was something I would be interested in doing. The whole package was fantastic – working, getting paid, and getting your Masters. From my previous experience with PACT I was pretty sure I would be comfortable working in a prison.

Source: Inside Time
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