What is Unlocked?

Unlocked Graduates is aiming to change the way we develop society’s future leaders, as well as how we think about prisons and prisoners by focusing on rehabilitation, and addressing the terrible damage and cost of reoffending.

Unlocked is an award-winning two-year leadership development programme aimed at training graduates to become inspirational and supportive leaders. Serving as a prison officer, you’ll build these skills through a bespoke training programme, alongside working with prisoners to identify and implement actions and strategies that will help them break the cycle of reoffending. You will work towards a fully funded Master’s in Leadership and Custodial Environments and have the opportunity to contribute to and influence policy on prison reform.

Unlocked is a bold new organisation, established with the explicit aim of attracting high-calibre graduate talent to work in the UK prison service and inject new ideas, insights and energy into the rehabilitation of prisoners: to lead subtle changes on the inside that deliver huge benefits on the outside.

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