Head of Curriculum

19 May 201919 May 2019
London or Manchester

Head of Curriculum

The deadline for this vacancy has passed.

As Head of Curriculum, you will take the lead on creating an exceptional two-year programme of study that develops our participants into transformative prison officers. In doing so, you’ll empower our participants with the knowledge and capabilities to work with prisoners to dismantle some of the damaging cycles of reoffending that are so costly to those individuals and broader society.

For Unlocked, the mission is central and life-long: it’s about more than the two years. You will work closely with our Alumni Officer to ensure the programme prepares participants to maximise impact at the end of the two years. You’ll also work with our Recruitment team to ensure a seamless transition from their blue-chip recruitment experience into a programme with an elite feel. Don’t worry if you do not have specific prison expertise. You will be supported by current and former prison service staff. They will assist you with the expertise, information and resources needed to design an excellent curriculum.

It’s important that our resources are thoughtfully sequenced and research-informed. You’ll be in charge of designing and implementing approaches to training that maximise learning and embody the Unlocked mission and vision. This includes design of pre-reading and follow-up interventions.

Another key element will be developing train-the-trainer programme so our experienced prison officers can teach effectively. Upskilling these staff requires expert understanding of teaching and learning.

Working with course lecturers at our partner university, you’ll plan timetables, communications and staff development to ensure participants’ training goes without a hitch. Unlocked Graduates leads delivery and assessment of the Leadership module, and you will be core to this element of the Master’s degree. You will also play a key role in the broader management of the qualification, ensuring quality and ongoing improvements take place.

At Summer Institute and Lecture Days, you’ll co-ordinate the resources and systems that you have designed. Staff will look to you for leadership, inspiration and clarity of mission; trainers will report to you. This is when you will see your curriculum come to life.