The Sun: A BANG UP JOB Britain’s biggest firms should hire an ex-prisoner to cut re-offending and save taxpayers £1bn a year, campaigners say

Of 56,000 prisoners released each year, only four in ten end up in jobs or training – which substantially reduces risk of committing another crime.

ALL of Britain’s biggest firms should hire an ex-offender to save at least £1billion a year, campaigners say.

Out of 56,000 prisoners released from jail every year – only four in ten – or 24,000 – end up in jobs or training.

Charity Unlocked Graduates called on employers to take on criminals to help them back into society, slashing the cost of reoffending for taxpayers.

The cost to society of re-offending is thought to be as high as £15 billion every year.

Figures show almost half of adults leaving prison commit a new offence within a year of being released.

But analysis found doubling the number of ex cons in work or training could save at least £1bn annually.